Charger Army Green Wide Suspenders No. F3010
Charger Army Green Wide Suspenders No. F3010
Charger Army Green Wide Suspenders No. F3010
Picture of man from the back wearing a black shirt and camel brown leather suspenders with army green elastic. He is also wearing sleeve garters.

Army Green Wide Suspenders No. F3010

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Tom is 5'10½" (179 cm) and wearing size M/L
Instagram: @tom_horn_outlaw

These Suspenders are 'charged' from the back, by their leather back strap in Camel Brown and elastic front straps in Army Green, all straps are equipped with sliders for size adjustment. They come in our Wide width size (1.36 inches / 3.5 cm). Explore the Charger Suspenders in more colors.



The Charger Suspenders stand out with elastic front straps and a USA nubuck leather back panel and backstrap. This blend ensures a comfortable fit and allows for easy adjustment using sliders on both the front straps and the back strap. The leather develops a distinctive patina and becomes softer over time, enhancing the character of these suspenders.


Wiseguy Original Suspenders let you switch up your style easily. Choose from lobster hooks, clips, loop clips and our special Wiseguy Original monogram buttons. Explore these options in our shop. Plus, every pair of Wiseguy Original Suspenders comes with extra attachment options, giving you more ways to personalize your look.

  • Wide, 1.36 inch / 3,5 cm
  • European elastic webbing in the color Army Green
  • Authentic Nubuck leather parts in the color Camel Brown
Attachment Parts:
  • Front: 2 Clips (Slim)
  • Back: 1 Lobster Hook (Slim)
  • Extra: 2 Clips (Slim), 3 Lobster Hooks (Slim), 1 Rivet
  • Metal parts in the color Brass

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