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Standard shipping 6.90,-
Free shipping from 129.90,-

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It depends where you are located. We work with different logistical centers around the world and some ship on the weekend, others don’t so please don’t count on it - we don’t want to overpromise.

Delivery usually takes between 5 - 12 business days. Express delivery takes 5 - 8 business days.

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Shipping times and courier options can vary widely. Also keep in mind that there may be higher shipping costs and potential duty fees that could be your responsibility.

Returns and refunds

To initiate a return*, there are two ways to reach us. You can either send an email to info@wiseguyoriginal.com or use the chat box located in the bottom right corner of our website.

However, it's important to note that while we don't offer direct exchanges, if you intend to replace your suspenders with a different pair, we kindly request you to place a new order once your refund has been processed.

*Please be aware that our outlet and custom products are not eligible for returns or refunds.

After you have reached out to us regarding your return, we will provide you with a return label that includes the address of the return location. Please be aware that the logistics and shipping costs for the return will be your responsibility. In the rare situation that you receive a defective product, we will gladly refund you for the return shipping expenses.

Once we get your return, we'll quickly refund you.

We don't offer direct product exchanges. Instead, please return the item you no longer want. One we've processed the return, you can place a new order for the product you want.

*Please note that our outlet and custom products are not eligible for returns or refunds.


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Product information

Our ‘Never Let You Down’ guarantee is always in effect, and we'll make sure to stick by it!

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If you're missing an item from your order, contact us at info@wiseguyoriginal.com using the email you used to place your order. Be sure to include your order number in the message. We'll make this right for you!

If you received the wrong product, send us some photos of the item you did receive at info@wiseguyoriginal.com using the same email you used to place your order. Be sure to include your order number in the message. We'll sort this out for you!

Our leather Suspenders, crafted from authentic full-grain leather, may occasionally leave markings on your garments, which is typical for leather products. We recommend treating the affected area by spraying or rubbing vanish or stain remover prior to washing.

Swapping Attachment Style

  • Grab a flat screwdriver
    To swap the ends of these suspender straps, you'll need a small flat screwdriver. Start by examining the strap, where a small metal stud adjusts the size of the suspenders. Also take note of the leather loop that can slide up and down.
  • Unscrew the stud
    There's a screw holding the metal stud in place. Unscrew the stud using the small flat screwdriver, turning counterclockwise. Move the leather loop over the metal stud to open up the strap. Once you've taken off the stud, slide off the current attachment style from the strap.
  • Slide on the new end
    Now, put on the new piece you want to use instead. Place the stud back onto the suspenders, lining it up with the screw hole. Use the small flat screwdriver to tighten the screw and keep the stud in place. Slide the leather loop back over the metal stud toward the ends of your suspender strap. Your suspenders are now good to go.
  • Locate the rivet
    Look at the ends of the suspender straps, note the metal rivet on the back of the leather connector part. The metal rivet keeps the ends of the leather together, creating a space for the attachment part to fit in.
  • Wiggle it open
    To get started, gently wiggle open the leather cover to reveal the space where the attachment part sits.
  • Slide on the new end
    Now, slide off the current attachment part from the leather connector. Next, introduce the new attachment style you prefer and slide it into the designated space. Lastly, close the leather end by aligning the metal rivet with its original position. Give it a gentle push until the metal rivet pops out again.

Sizing and materials

When we mention ‘Size’ it is related to your length. ‘Width’ is related to the width of the straps; these vary from 0.75 inch / 2 cm to 1.36 inch / 3.5 cm.

M/L is our default and is used for the biggest part of our products. S/M and XL/XXL are only available for a few specific suspenders.

Wiseguy Suspenders come in three widths: skinny, slim and wide.

Skinny: 0.75 inch / 2 cm
Slim: 1 inch / 2,5 cm
Wide: 1.36 inch / 3,5 cm


: 5’3" - 5’11" / 1.60 m - 1.80 m

M/L: 5’9” - 6’4” / 1.75 m - 1.95 m

XL/XXL: 6’8” - 6’10” / 1.85 m - 2.10 m

*If your size isn't available in a specific model, we can create a custom one for you, though custom fees will apply.


Sometimes, what you see on social media might not be available on our webshop because we operate globally and have different collections in various regions. Each region has its own selection due to how we manage shipping from our multiple warehouses worldwide. Although our core collection is everywhere, our US online flagship store has a wider range of products.

Newsletter discount

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Custom suspenders

Sure thing! Our tailor would love to craft custom Suspenders for you. These custom suspenders can be crafted using the same materials found in the products available on our website.

Send us an email at info@wiseguyoriginal.com and let us know which combinations you have in mind.

The suspenders will have been customized to your personal taste and preference. Because of this personalization, we won't be able to accept returns for it.

For customization we charge a one-time fee of 35 USD or EUR. The minimum order is 2 units. 

For American custom orders shipping can be either regular shipping or express, for European orders we can only ship by FedEx express.

For custom orders, we cannot offer any promotions or discounts. However, when you order 3 we still gift a 4th pair.