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Wiseguy FaceWear was created as part of the Wiseguy philosophy

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Our slogan is ’Never let you down’ and we thought it would be good to add high quality non-medical masks to our collection which get the same manufacturing attention to details as our evergreen Suspenders. 

We have been handcrafting bespoke Suspenders in the Kingdom of Thailand from the very start of business. Our highly skilled artisans build our collection with love and we’ve ultra focused on basically just Suspenders up until recently.

But then Covid-19 came around and we got this idea for a somewhat different type of mask to be made by the same artisans who work on the Wiseguy Suspenders. 

We’d definitely prefer a world without masks but with the need of creating a barrier between you and others it’s a hard reality and not to be ignored. 

In many countries, masks are now obligatory in public transport and we’re also getting orders from restaurants for staff that not only need to wear a non medical mask but also need to look as good as possible at the same time. Also, there is a definite need for washable masks which makes quality of manufacturing a necessity; our masks can be washed over and over again. 

Where are they made of?

Wiseguy FaceWear masks are made from durable 12 ounce 100% cotton canvas, the same material we use in our Wiseguy Duck Series Suspenders. we double stitch them not only to make them stronger but to also makes them look much better. They are finished with the distinctive W monogram which is embroidered in the fabric. 

On the inside, we engineered them such that they have a lining in which you can add an extra filter layer - we deliver the masks with such a filter element. You can add your own filter material. 

The elastic for keeping them around your ears can be adjusted by undoing the knot and shortening for your ideal fit. 

We also add extra elastic so if for some reason you want or need to make new ear-elastics, it’s possible. To ‘catch’ the knot, just pull carefully on the elastic as it is a loop in the mask tunnel and the knot will show. 

Wiseguy FaceWear should be washed at 140 °F/ 60 °C and it’s good to iron after washing. Don’t tumble dry.

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