The perfect combination: Groomsmen with Suspenders

The perfect combination: Groomsmen with Suspenders

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You’ll only get one chance to do it right at your wedding, the once in a lifetime (at least for most of us) event!

Whether you go for the authentic classic or a more modern look, add suspenders for that ‘special moment look’! Uni colored for more classic, stripes for that funky and bold attire. Or the leathers?

What about wedding suspenders for the whole grooms ‘team’? You’ll create that ‘partners in crime’ never out of style look for everlasting memories.

The classical groomsmen

The Wiseguy’s are often asked how to combine suspenders with the groom and groomsmen attire. There are many looks that work. Suspenders compliment a good outfit, be it classic or funky.

A sure hit look is a classic suit with a white shirt. Simple, basic, confident and classy. Compliment the outfit with uni colored elastic or leather suspenders and it’s a home run.

abdelrahman-fararjehman-wearing-wiseguy-suspenders bride-and-groomsmen-in-mountains-wearing-wiseguy-suspenders daniloguccione-wearing-black-leater-wiseguy-suspenders

From left to right: Abdelrahman Fararjeh | Nicole Kirshner Photography | Danilo Guccione

Going for the casual/vintage look

Casual groom suspenders

Consider wearing leather suspenders for that casual groom and groomsmen look. The leathers come in different colors and widths. In particular, choices can be made in comfort; for more flexibility when hitting the dance floor, consider leather suspenders with some elastic in them for more flexibility when doing a dance floor split.

Vintage groomsmen suspenders

Groom and groomsmen suspenders have been around for many years. Mark Twain obtained a first patent on the concept. They looked good on him, so they’ll look even better on you and your groomsmen. For that ultimate vintage look, consider striped suspenders. Vintage is hot, vintage is here to stay!

greg-berzinsky-wearing-black-wiseguy-suspenders klodian-pasho-wearing-wiseguy-suspenders man-wearing-elastic-wiseguy-suspenders

From left to right: Berzinsky | Klodian Pasho | Tom Askew

Alternative/hipster groomsmen 

Consider wearing suspenders for that hipster look. But let’s face it, the hipster look is almost mainstream nowadays. However, suspenders will work with any style. From basic to alternative.

Combine a pair of uni colored suspenders with a classic hat or colored glasses and the look is totally different. For that ultimate hipster look make sure to wear your suspenders with loops, this will dramatically change the look and feel of your attire. Consider high waist pants for this combination and you’ll look unique to the max.

bearded-man-wearing-hat-and-elastic-wiseguy-suspenders lapheal-sterling-wearing-blue-wiseguy-suspenders saint-pedro-wearing-navy-blue-wiseguy-suspenders

From left to right: saloonbar_smith | Leapheal Sterling | Pedro Cirqueira

Groomsmen with suspenders and tie

Almost no one wears a tie voluntarily anymore. But when it comes down to getting married, it’s a different ballgame. Consider wearing a tie or bowtie. Too formal in your opinion? Why not combine it with funky suspenders like striped or leathers with a patterned shirt.

The bow tie will create a more vintage look. Consider wearing a bowtie as groom and the groomsmen with ties. Let your creativity flow freely.

jasper-nijssen-wearing-beige-wiseguy-suspenders groomsmen-wearing-wiseguy-suspenders-at-wedding laurens-lindeman-wearing-navy-blue-wiseguy-suspenders

From left to right: Jasper Nijssen | Stock Tank Supply | Laurens Lindeman

Groom suspender gifting

Why not offer the groom a pair of suspenders? Have a look at the four collections; Purchase 3 pairs from the different collections and the 4th pair will be for free. Don’t only consider suspenders for that special moment but wear them everyday for ultimate comfort and functionality.

Suspenders not only look good but they wear much more comfortably than a belt. Belts pressure the gut, suspenders don’t. Suspenders will never let you down!

Share this blog with your friends and all look good at that next wedding.

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