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It doesn't matter what size you are, our suspenders will always fit.

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The adjustability of trouser suspenders or braces has always been one of their most appreciated features. No wonder Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain named his project “Adjustable and Detachable Straps for Garments," eventually obtaining one of the first patents for suspenders in 1871. Suspenders never let you down and fit more comfortably than a belt.

In over 150 years, the purpose of suspenders to effectively hold trousers up has remained, what has changed is the style, comfort and customisation options offered by different brands. In fact, not all suspenders are created equal and finding the look, size and model that perfectly suit you can be somewhat of a gamble. At Wiseguy Suspenders, we are ultra focused on braces, their quality and know the importance of wearing suspenders that fit to everyone’s particular proportions. We believe no one should ever stress about having one’s trousers perfectly in place at all times. This is why we have created suspenders with maximum adaptability that can be customised by yourself to your size.

Firstly, our suspenders can be adjusted to longer than most others on the market, easily fitting anyone between 1,50 m (4,9 ft) and 2 m (6,6 ft) tall. On another note, we’d be happy to custom build Wiseguy Suspenders for you if you require something different than what we currently create. Just shoot us an email at

We have also added an extra adjuster or slider on the back strap of our suspenders, to make sure the suspenders fit anyone like a glove.

Woman and man wearing Wiseguy Suspenders

How to adjust Wiseguy Suspenders?

Leather suspenders can be adjusted like a belt. Loosen or tighten them with the buckle using the holes on the nubuck leather straps.

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For elastic suspenders, simply slide the adjuster or slider up and down the strap until you reach the perfect fit! We recommend having the leather back panel which connects the front straps and back strap in between your shoulder blades.

Marc Spits founder of Wiseguy Suspenders

Note: you will need to adjust to different lengths whether you are wearing suspenders with metal clasps or loops/button-fastened as the loops add length. Wiseguy Suspenders have the easy connector system which makes it possible to switch from clasps to leather loops/button-fastened in a flash and back if you so wish.

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