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Shooting Day Bangkok

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It was an early Bangkok morning, the whole crew met each other at the Third Pig, waiting to have some fun. Tou and his crew we’re already in and as Ben arrived so did we. The only one missing was Looknoo, but before we could say ‘Fuck its hot’, she came walking in looking like a million bucks and setting the place on fire in her red dress.

After setting up his gear and team, Tou was ready to shoot some Wiseguy Suspender shots. Looknoo just finished her make-up round and we’re ready to get in to it. We got started on the crazy horse leather suspenders, beautiful soft leather. While one of the assistance ran out to get some more clothes, we sat down to watch the team do their thing. Tou has a great creative mind and directed the set while, Looknoo being the professional, helped Ben to focus on the camera. Somehow Ben managed to seem uninterested in Looknoo, that alone was a great performance in it self!

Later on Ben lit a cigar and got more and more in to his role as Wiseguy. While the smoke added to the vibe, the bar was the best location we could wish for. A great badly painted blue wall, a bar full of booze and a team enjoying a great shoot.

It was a long, hot great day. At the end we opened up a bottle of Jack and lots of ice to cool down before wondering of in to Bangkok.  

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