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Bangkok Wiseguy

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In order to get the vibe we feel fits Wiseguy Suspenders we have to find the right location. After roaming around the net and talking to some friends we find Schorem Barbershop, an old school men-only barbershop in the heart of the working class city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

A great place with a no BS-attitude, good music, tattoos and beer. That sounds basic, but that’s what we like. Since we decided to bring the shoot to a better climate we choose Bangkok as the place to shoot. Schorem is connected to The Three Brothers, a barbershop in downtown Bangkok, so that’s where we are going.

Talking to one of the brothers, Equi, he got exited about Wiseguy Suspenders, so he offered us their shop to do the shoot. However we choose to do the shoot in a bar, named; The Third Pig. He did connect us to Ben, they only bearded Wiseguy in Bangkok, at least that’s how we felt after trying to find the right model.

So now we have the location and the model. All we need now is the best photographer we can find and of course a pretty girl, why? Because we can!

The pretty girl was easy; an agency pointed us in the direction of Looknoo Panyamongkol. She made Ben's beard curl and our eyes pop, ‘you’re hired!'

After talking to a few not so Wiseguy photographers we found Tou, full name Tou Patumsuwon. A videographer that mainly works on shooting video clips for big rock bands. Tou got excited and accepted the job. He and his crew worked their magic at the Third Pig and now we have great material as you can see here. Ben’s favorite suspenders are the bloody butchers.

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