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4 Ways to Attach Your Suspenders (and when to use them)

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There’s no question that suspenders look awesome. They add a touch of personality to your style in a way belts never could. Many of our customers swear by leather suspenders, but others may prefer the comfort of elastic fibers or the stylish looks of our denim collection. No matter your personal preference, they all have something in common: the Wiseguy Connector system. This system lets you wear your suspenders in different ways depending on the occasion or personal style. The amount of possibilities can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry. We are here to explain everything there is to know about suspenders and their connectors. Whether you’re a seasoned connector user, have seen our accessories section but didn’t know what to do with it or have never heard of connectors at all, this blog is for you. Keep reading to find out what the options are, how and when to use them, and much more. Even seasoned professionals might learn a thing or two!

The Wiseguy Connector System

Like we said, the Wiseguy connector system allows you to switch between your favorite  depending on the occasion. It is designed to give you a whole new style without having to buy another pair of suspenders. If you’d ask us, it’s friggin’ awesome! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and do some explaining first.

All Wiseguy Suspenders are equipped with these connectors. At the bottom of each strap, there is a folded leather part. Make sure to take a look, because this is where the magic happens. Depending on the model, this leather part will already be pre-equipped with a lobster hook or a clip. To switch attachments, simply open up the leather connector and attach the attachment of your preference (clip, lobster hook or loop) before closing it again. 



The connector system on the Crazy Horse models may work a little differently. In that case (or other examples when we use studs in the suspenders), you have to unscrew the plate from the stud. Best practice is to hold the stud with a plier and gently unscrew. We use Loctite to ’seal’ the studs to the screw-plate so they don’t accidentally come undone and fall off. If you experience difficulties unscrewing the stud from the screw-plate, do contact us at, and we’ll help solve this matter. 

In general, there are four ways to attach your suspenders:

  • Lobster hooks;
  • Clips;
  • Loop clips;
  • Buttoned loops.

Now that you know how to open your connectors and switch attachments, it’s time to dig in a bit deeper. We still need to cover all different types of attachments, how to use them and what different benefits they offer. Let’s start with lobster hooks. 

Lobster hooks

Why wear suspenders with lobster hooks?

The lobster hook is an attachment you’re no doubt familiar with. It’s easy in use, and pretty self explanatory. Lobster hooks come standard with many of our models, including the favored Crazy Horse series. The lobster hook is one of the easiest attachments in use, as a simple squeeze of the trigger is all that’s needed to fasten your suspenders to the belt loops of your pants (you know, those things some people put their belts through). Depending on where the belt loops are located on your pants, you might want to prefer clips over lobster hooks to keep the suspenders' straps lined out correctly. Lobster hooks have a lot to offer when it comes to convenience, but as you can see in the picture below, they make for a more casual look. Although they are still a bit more rugged and bulkier than clips, lobster hooks are a lot less stylish or dressed than loops for example. Besides, they are often the better choice if you work in construction, as they can take on more tension than clips. 


Julia @moon_and_stardust


Types of lobster hooks

At Wiseguy Original, lobster hooks come in three colors: brass, silver and matt black. The color choice is really up to you and the outfit you’re going for, but it’s common practice to stick with the color that comes pre-equipped with your model of suspenders. 

If you’d ever find yourself needing a new set of lobster hooks, you can order them here. The size you need is always compatible with the width of your suspenders. However, there are two exceptions to this rule. The first exception is with our wide elastic suspenders, which need a slim sized lobster hook. The second exception is with the wide leather flex suspenders. Although those do require wide lobster hooks on the front straps, their back strap is a slim size! Also, be advised that skinny and wide lobster hooks only come in the brass colored variant. 


Why wear suspenders with clips?

If your suspenders aren’t pre-equipped with lobster hooks, you’ll probably find clips at the end of your straps. For example, clips can be found on every one of our denim suspenders. All suspenders that are equipped with clips come with an extra spare clip, in case one breaks or is accidentally misplaced. The clip attachment  type offers arguably even more convenience than lobster hooks. Unlike lobster hooks, clips are attached to the edge of your pants. This makes them the preferred connector for pants that aren’t equipped with belt loops, or when the belt loops are off-center. At first glance, they may seem to have a bit less of a firm grip. But we made sure that our clips can carry a good amount of tension. If you’re going for a more casual look, using clips is definitely the way to go. 


close up of man wearing suspenders with clips


Types of clips

Depending on the model of your suspenders, clips do come in different colors and sizes. Unfortunately we don’t have separate clips on offer at the moment. So if you’re specifically looking for an outfit that features clips as connectors, you’re limited to suspender models that are equipped with clips by default. Not satisfied? Then our loop clips might be a great alternative. Or otherwise you can always ask us to build custom suspenders by sending an email to

Loop clips

Why wear suspenders with loop clips?

Get ready, because this is where the fun stuff starts. If suspenders aren’t all about convenience to you, you might want to try out loops. These leather loops add a sense of class to your suspenders. They are great attachments for events like weddings, or if you just prefer class over convenience at any time. At Wiseguy, loops are available with buttons or clips. But no loop is compatible with both. Button loops may require some extra customization to attach buttons, but we’ll get to that later. If you’ve never worn suspenders with loops before, it may be easier to try out loop clips first. Loop clips work just like regular clips. But instead of having one clip directly attached to your suspenders, every individual strap now features a loop with two clips to them. Keep in mind that these loops add some length to the straps, which can cause the need to shorten your straps a bit. Although loop clips are slightly more inconvenient than straight clips (it’s double the clipping), they make up for it big time in points for style. The picture below perfectly illustrates how they work. 


Types of loop clips 

Loop clips come in many different color combinations. Because the loops are made of leather, there are lots of options when it comes to matching colors. Like all leather used in Wiseguy products, the loops themselves come in the colors raw, camel brown, dark brown, burgundy and black. These colors each have their own possibilities when it comes to the color of the clips. See the picture below for a nice overview on available combinations. One set of Loops - Clips includes a single loop, so be sure to purchase two if you want to wear them on the front side of your suspenders. Do consider just adding one loop clip for the back strap and working with lobster hooks for example on the front straps.


overview of all 8 available loop clips

We advise you to use the same color loops as the color of the leather on the suspenders you’re wearing. The clips are of personal preference to the outfit you’re going for, but could ideally be matched with the color of the clips the suspenders were sold with. 

Buttoned loop

Why wear suspenders with buttoned loops?

We get it. Loop clips are fun, but loops attached to buttons are the real deal. These attachments take your outfit to the next level. Not only do they add a lot of class to your appearance, they also provide you with the complete suspenders experience. Using them feels almost like wearing tailor-made clothing. As their name clearly states, buttoned loops fasten the suspenders to buttons. These could be either hammer-on or sewed buttons, but we’ll explain that below. Buttoned loops may take some extra effort in customization of your outfit, but they easily make up for that with their striking appearance. These attachments  could be used at any time you like, but they are an absolute must-have when combining suspenders with a suit. This is also true for events like weddings, especially if you’re the groom! Just like with the loop clips, you should keep in mind that loops add some length to the straps. This can cause the need to shorten your straps a bit in order to get them in proportion again. 


The model in the picture is using sewed buttons, keep reading to find out more about different buttons.

Types of buttoned loops

These awesome attachments come in four colors: raw, camel brown, dark brown,  and black and burgundy (oxblood). Just like with loop clips, it is advised to use the color leather that matches the leather of your suspenders. Buttoned loops are sold in a complete set with three loops, 8 hammer on buttons, 6 nylon buttons, a sewing kit and even a ‘distance indicator’. This way you’ll never have to worry about misplacing the buttons. 

Types of buttons

Hammer-on buttons

Often called bachelor buttons, hammer-on buttons are easily attached to your pants. The way to do this is by simply pressing the button into the pin, through the material of the pants. Make sure to measure where the straps of your suspenders should be and use the distance indicator to get them both in the right place. When you’ve got the placement ready, place the button and gently push the pin through your pants. These awesome looking buttons make for a great look. Featuring the Wiseguy W monogram, they take care of your outfit in great detail. They may even make your pants look better when not wearing suspenders.


close up of hammer on button on jeans

Sewed buttons

While hammer-on buttons are used on the outside of your pants, sewed buttons are used on the inside. So if you prefer wearing your loops tucked into your pants, sewed buttons are the way to go. Sewed buttons are placed the same way as their hammer-on counterparts. The only difference is that they are sewed instead of pressed. The sewing kit that is included in the Loops - Button set makes this easier than ever. 

Additional notes

Obviously all suspenders are equipped with straps on both the front and the back. It is up to you whether or not you’d want to use loops on both ends, but we advise to keep it coherent at all times. 

It’s also important to know that it is never advised to wear both a belt and suspenders at the same time. No matter what attachments you’re using. For more on that topic, be sure to come back soon to read our upcoming Belts vs Suspenders blog. 

Last but not least, it is a common misconception that leather loops are only to be worn with leather suspenders. Although we understand where this assumption comes from, leather loops can perfectly be combined with any other types of suspenders, like those made of elaxstic webbing, denim or other material. You don’t need a full leather pair to enjoy the benefits of leather loops. So if you’re going to wear elastic suspenders, canvas / denim suspenders or a leather flex model, they are definitely to be considered!

As you see, there’s a lot to be won by using the right attachment  type with your suspender. All the options may be overwhelming at first, but keep in mind that you can always easily switch back and forth. While clips and lobster hooks may be your preference when it comes to convenience, it can never hurt to have some loops lying around. Obviously this works the same the other way around. Finding your attachment  style is really a matter of trying out different types and experiencing what they can do for you. 

We’ve tried to make this guide as clear and extensive as possible. But with all the possible combinations it is understandable if some things are still a bit unclear to you. The Wiseguy team is always happy to help if you have any questions or just need some advice, so be sure to reach out at if that is the case.

Never let you down,

Team Wiseguy