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Suspenders: functionality and trend throughout history

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Few man’s garments have made as many appearances in different times of history as suspenders. Known as “braces” in British English, suspenders have been around for centuries; at the time of Louis XIV, Frenchmen would tie straps of cloth to their undergarments to hold them up and in Britain braces made their commercial debut in 1820, when Albert Thurston started manufacturing suspenders as we know them today. Made in leather, Thurston’s product had the function to support the pants but, as at that time suspenders were considered underwear, it was indecent to shown them in public. It is only since the 20th century that suspenders have become a visible garment, turning at times into the symbol of elegance and style, at times into the emblem of a social class or attitude.


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Pic. Schorem barbers. Suspender: Schorem Edition

Alex’ sleek suspenders in “A Clockwork Orange” represented British radical skinheads fashion of the 1970’s, while Michael Douglas’ suspenders in “Wall Street” made a loud yet classy fashion statement. Buttoned suspenders added up to Leonardo di Caprio’s dandyish look in “The Great Gatsby”; images of “Grey’s Anatomy” sexy doctor Alex Karev wearing suspenders have populated many women’s dreams and there is no doubt that suspenders have turned David Borenaz into the hottest vampire of all times.

Suspenders are increasingly considered a very manly (and sexy) item to be worn on any occasion. At this year Pitti Uomo, the world’s most important event for menswear, vintage style suspenders were promoted as “adding a dapper touch of old charm to various outfits while keeping trousers neatly in place”.

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In fact, the functional principle of suspenders has not changed in almost 200 years, and suspenders are a practical and comfortable support worn to hold trousers up. However, its use as an accessory has widened to include a variety of styles and trends. Whether in a “X” or “Y” shape, clip-ons or button-holed, suspenders look good on the gentleman with a black tie and suit as well as on the stylish hipster at an Indie concert or combined with a fedora, for the perfect gangster look.

At Wiseguy Suspenders, functionality and trend go hand in hand and a wide range of suspenders has been carefully designed to suit all men’s needs. Elastic or leather suspenders, from the most classic cuts to the most daring ones, Wiseguy Suspenders got them all. Go for the metal clasps if you prefer a trendy look and choose the buttons for a tidier look attentive to details. You can choose day by day, as all models come with both options! Wear the thin type if you like it sleek and stylish and a wide one if you’re the handy-man heavy-duty type. Everything in between is acceptable, the style depending on patterns and materials. Only one rule: never wear a belt if you wear suspenders!

Whether you feel like WTF or Crazy Horse, want to match your kid’s style with yours or want to stand out in the crowd with a bold statement, be a wise guy, wear Wiseguy Suspenders!

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