2024 Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Every Type of Man in Your Life

2024 Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Every Type of Man in Your Life

Unique and Fashionable Valentine's Gifts for Him 

Stumped on what to surprise your significant other with this year? Tired of the same old gift routine? We've got you covered! This Valentine's Day, break away from the monotony and discover the perfect present that will leave them smiling till the next Valentine's.

We get that picking out a Valentine's Day gift for the guys can be a bit tricky. Though we're pretty sure anything from Wiseguy would do the trick, here's a list of our top picks for this Valentine's.

Suspenders - A Timeless Gift

Suspenders are always a good gift in our, not so unbiased, opinion. When considering the ideal gift for your significant other, we believe the best Valentine's Day present for your boyfriend or husband is something that's both unique and useful. 

Suspenders are exciting for people who already love fashion and accessories, but they're even more special for people just dipping their toes into more standout outfit choices. When worn to work, suspenders make you look like you're on top of your field, and when worn to any other occasion, they exude a timeless sense of style and confidence. Oh and not to forget, they're also very useful for keeping your pants up!

For the Lover of Classics: Crazy Horse Black Slim Suspenders No. L2010

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Man with beard Leaning against rust colored wall wearing Black Leather Wiseguy Original Suspenders and a grey canvas western style shirt and jeans

The Crazy Horse Black Slim Suspenders are made from USA nubuck leather and are equipped with brass colored buckles and metal parts. Smooth, sleek, and timeless – the perfect choice to effortlessly jazz up any outfit.

For the Adventure Seeker: Crazy Horse Brown Wide Suspenders No. L2011

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Man with beard and flatcap wearing dark brown leather wiseguy original suspendersBold and rugged, these suspenders scream adventure. Made to accompany you on all your escapades and only grow more characteristic. Made from USA nubuck leather, these suspenders develop a beautiful patina as you wear them.

For the Color Enthousiast: Crazy Horse Buckle Burgundy Slim Suspenders No. L2012

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Close up view of man wearing red leather Wiseguy Original Suspenders with brass buckles. He is wearing a denim western style shirt and silver necklaces with a turquoise stone.

Make a bold statement with these suspenders. Perfect for those who love injecting colors into their wardrobe. Let their style shine with this eye-catching accessory.

For the Subtle Charmer: Duck Mocca Wide Suspenders No. C6015

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Man with flat cap and a white t-shirt and mustard colored pants is wearing Duck Cotton Wiseguy Original Suspenders in the color Mocca. He is standing in front of a big old wooden discolored door.

Ideal for those who let their personality shine through subtle details, these suspenders, crafted from sturdy duck canvas, are designed to endure the trials of everyday wear. Simple yet impactful.

For the Best of Both Worlds: Crazy Horse Flex Camel Brown Wide Suspenders No. F2110

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Image of layered clothes, a cream colored t-shirt with a blue denim jacket and an army green coat with a brown corduroy collar. A bit of camel leather suspenders is visible from under the jackets.

A fusion of colored elastic and leather – the perfect balance for the people who crave versatility and style.

Looking for gifts that are a bit smaller in size? Here are our picks for smaller sized gifts that still make a big impact!

Sleeve Garters: Old-School Cool

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Man standing behind bar with a cocktail shaker in his hands, he is wearing a patterned shirt with red Wiseguy Original Sleeve Garters and Suspenders. He has a beard and Mustache.

If you're looking to add a touch of retro charm, that's also a little smaller in gift size, consider our Sleeve Garters for $39.90. Despite their small size, these accessories pack a punch, turning a basic white shirt into a stylish ensemble. They're practical and a unique fashion-forward gift.

Key Ring and Hat Holder: Everyday Essential 

For another small gift that stands the test of time, our key ring and hat holder – takes functionality to a whole new level. Crafted from high-quality nubuck leather, this accessory keeps your keys in check while doubling as a Hat Holder. It's a small yet impactful gift; if you’re going to be using and carrying something around with you all day, why not choose something that also looks good. The devil’s in the details after all, right?

So why not gift your significant other a truly wise gift? Want some more inspo? See our entire collection. 

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